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Kari Pearce

Tutor Match Coordinator

I, Kari Pearce, am a graduate of Nipissing University's Bachelor of Education program as well as Canadore College's Early Childhood Education diploma. I created Tutor Match in May 2022 because I wanted to create a one on one tutoring service. I am passionate about helping students. I have always wanted to start my own business. I am someone who is extremely helpful, caring, and creative. I can't wait to talk with you further!

The Tutors

Dedicated. Passionate. Experienced.

Meet the tutors! Each tutor is hired by Kari Pearce. All tutors submit a recent negative criminal reference check. Tutors are successful in the interview process if they are shown to have past experience and are passionate about helping students.

Meet Andrea

-Early Childhood Education


-French Tutor

Andrea is a tutor who enjoys making her sessions interactive and engaging! I will often hear that she sings songs in her sessions! She enjoys helping children with their conversational French.

Meet Audrey

-Bachelor of Social Work


-Literacy (Reading) Tutor

Audrey has many creative ideas of how to get students more motivated and interested in practicing reading! She works alongside a student to set goals and help them be more confident.

Meet Brigitte

-Skilled Trades Certificate

-Literacy/Math (French) Tutor

Brigitte joins the team with a lot of prior experience working in schools with students helping them with reading and math. She speaks French and is most comfortable conducting sessions fully in French.

Meet Hanna

-Bachelor of Education


-Literacy/Math Tutor

(French and English)

Hanna is an experienced tutor who enjoys creating hands-on learning activities for her students. She is comfortable conducting sessions in both French and English! She was described recently by a parent as "an absolute gem!"

Meet Jessica

-Nipissing University Student

(Studying Teaching)

-Literacy/Math Tutor

Jessica is studying at Nipissing University and aims to be a teacher! She loves the play-based approach to learning. She applies what she learns from her program and teaching placements to her sessions.

Meet Kayla

-Nipissing University

(Teacher's College Student)

-Literacy/Math Tutor

Kayla is very passionate about teaching! Working as a tutor allows her to use the knowledge from her program and apply them to her sessions. She likes making her students laugh!

Meet Paige

-Nipissing University Student


-Literacy/Math Tutor

Paige loves making a positive connection with her students! She is able to draw her students in and get them curious/interested in learning. She is also studying teaching!

Meet Richard

-Bachelor of Education

-Literacy/Math Tutor (French)

As a graduate of a math degree, Richard is very good at explaining math to students! He enjoys getting to know his students and applying what they are interested in to their sessions. He has been described as kind and patient.

Meet Skyla

-Aviation Student

-Literacy/Math Tutor Online (French)

Skyla is an Aviation student. She has a lot of prior experience working with students and also with helping her younger sister with school! She loves being able to help others!

Meet Shynelle

-Nipissing University Student


-Literacy/Math Tutor Online (French)

Shynelle likes to tie the things her students are interested in into her sessions! She makes learning fun by incorporating various games and activities into the session. She is encouraging and kind!

Meet Andrew and Erin

Andrew: Psychology Graduate

Erin: Bachelor of Education (OCT)

Andrew and Erin work at our Art and Homework Club! Andrew has a love for tutoring math, while Erin has a love for tutoring literacy! They make a great pair and are able to engage the students in interesting activities each and every week!

Become a Tutor

To apply to be a tutor on the Tutor Match team, you can send a cover letter and resume to:

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