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What Makes Us Unique

Tutoring is our passion.

We strive to provide one-on-one learning experiences that are fun, interactive, and impactful.

Home schooling

Our Team

Our tutors are chosen not only because of their academic experience and qualifications, but because of their passion for helping students in need. 

Our tutors modify learning to make it a fun experience for the student they're working with.


For our students, sessions are one-on-one. This allows tutors to modify and create individualized learning experiences by taking the student's needs, goals, and learning style into consideration. Our tutors are dedicated to building rapports with those they work with and to see them succeed.

Private Tutoring
Online Class


Tutor Match saves you the time of finding and screening a tutor, as we do that for you! Once a registration is sent in, a specific tutor from our incredible team who can meet your needs will be assigned to your case. Quick and easy!


For in-person tutoring (North Bay ONLY), you choose whether your tutor comes to your home or if you would rather meet in a public space. All sessions, whether in person or virtual, work around your schedule (the best day and time for you). There are no minimum amount of sessions required and no package pricing. You pay by the hour for as long as tutoring is required.

Online Learning
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