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Additional information to better your experience with us!

What are your fees? / How do I make payments?

Our fees are $40 an hour. We do not have package pricing. You are not charged for missed sessions (cancellations). Payments are made by e-transfer.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of sessions?

No. Most students register for sessions that occur twice a week, once a week, or bi-weekly. There is no minimum amount required. The amount of sessions you choose is up to you. We can even offer short-term help (help to finish a specific assignment or study for a particular test).

What qualifications do your tutors have?

We have a diverse team of tutors, all with different qualifications. Kari hires tutors who are passionate about helping students and who have prior tutoring or teaching experience. All tutors submit a recent negative criminal reference check.

Is there a curriculum?

Tutors plan sessions based on the student needs, learning style, and any recommendations given by a parent, guardian, or teacher. The tutor will also discuss goals with the student and plan sessions from there, allowing students to take initiative over their own sessions.

What is Kari’s role?

Kari Pearce is the Tutor Match Coordinator. Kari runs the business end of Tutor Match such as hiring tutors, marketing, and invoicing. Tutors stay accountable to Kari once hired and assigned to a student by filling out session logs where they report session content and how it went overall. A copy of these is available to a student if requested.

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